16lufs difference in waves and audition?

I’m confused, I’ve used the match loudness to 16Lufs in a project in audition all looked good, then I test it to see if its the same using the waves audio content kit plugin that mike reccommends, but then I get a different reading? Is it me or are audition and waves shooting from the hip?


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Great question @George.

Yes, you will see different results.

Adobe Audition Match Loudness

This tool looks at all your audio and takes care of hitting the loudness on automation. It’s the quickest way to do this.

Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter Plugin

This will look only at the audio you play into it. There is long term and short term loudness on this meter. Short term is always going to be all over the place but long term should pretty much even out at -16 LUFS over time. You would have to play the entire podcast episode into the plugin to get an accurate reading and that’s not always practical with a show that lasts 60 minutes :slight_smile:

Either use the native Audition tool or just select a short portion of the show (that represents overall volume levels) and match loudness that way.

Thank you Mike I was getting little worried heehee!

I was pleased when I saw that sweet -16